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I have an issue with my "saved flights" vs. my "load flights", the saved flights don't appear in the load flights file. So, when I go to load a flight it's not there. There are plenty of flights in the load flights file, but only newer saved flights do not appear in the load flights file. No idea why, additionally, if I check the box in "saved flights to make a flight default, it's not saved as default flight. Confused, or my age is catching up with me.

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One thing...do not make a habit of saving a flight and marking it as default.  This will cause you much grief down the road!

I'm hoping you are not confusing the 2 tabs on the Free Flight Screen.  All the "SAVE" tab does is save the flight you just did.  Remember

What I first Said.....Do not click on the "SAVE AS DEFAULT" box.  To view all of the "saved" flights is when you click on the LOAD tab.  From there

you choose which saved flight you want to do.


You should only have one flight saved as DEFAULT.  My recommendation is to:

1.  Choose an airport in your time zone like your local airport.

2.  Choose a default aircraft like the Baron58

3.  Choose an appropriate parking spot at your airport.

4.  Press "FLY NOW".

5.  If your aircraft engines are running, shut them down, turn off all lights and radios, leave the master radio switch on, set the parking brake.

6.  Now hit SAVE to save the flight and put a check into the 'Save as Default Flight".

7.  DO NOT use your default flight to start any other flights.  KEEP IT VIRGIN!


You now have any aircraft you choose that will be in a cold and dark scenario at whatever airport you want ready to jump into, start it up and go flying.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I'm sorry I misspoke.  I didn't mean to call the saved flight "default" just plain ole' saved. But I've always been aware that a saved flight file should and has appeared in the load file as well. Am I correct on this point? Thank you for your help.

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Just taking a real guess here, but are you remembering to give your saved flight a name?  Long shot i know, but--

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All my saved flights reside on my hard drive at C:\Users\---\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

They all appear when I select load flight.

Maybe you computer is saving them at a location not recognized by FSX.

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