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New FSX Heliports

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Thanks to DreBoy14 we now have tow nice locations to fly helicopters; Penzance Heliport EGHK and Tresco Heliport EGHT.

Nicely depicted with fun local flying area. Well done. These are new uploads to FlightSim FSX scenerey.

Welcomed addition for any FSX helo flyer.




Always Aviate, then Navigate, then Communicate. And never be low on Fuel, Altitude, Airspeed, or Ideas.

phrog x 2.jpg

Laptop, Intel Core i7 CPU 1.80GHz 2.30 GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit, NVIDIA GeoForce MX 130, Extra large coffee-black.

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Glad you like it! I should be posting Penzance Sikorsky S76 livery soon for ERS/Nemeth Design S76A and the aw139 also to make the flying experience better between the heliports.

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