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Great operational detail. How close until it shows an RA? Out of interest, does the Vision's autopilot begin the maneuver or just the TCAS RA?

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Thanks Phrog.  An interesting question.  The short answer is "I don't know." 😀


The G3000 Vision Jet in MSFS is TA Only.  Doesn't generate any RAs.   Does generate a flashing yellow "Traffic" alert on the PFD for targets of potential concern but I dont know what the criteria is other than "pretty close."   I've only seen one a couple of times and that was landing with an AI aircraft holding short for the runway or on an adjacent taxiway.    

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29 minutes ago, NMLW said:

Couple of nice ones Bill. You sure are logging some time on the Vision Jet. 😀

Thanks Larry.  Yep, it's kind of become my "go to" plane now.  One of the most realistic airplanes I've seen released for FS and really fun to fly.  I can see why there's a 7 year RW wait list to buy one even if you've got the $4M it costs!

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