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Eyepoint problem from time to time using trackir v4


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Now and again I find my Eyepoint setting in VC somehow getting changed in that I find myself viewing the “dashboard” from too far back.

I know how , theoretically, to correct that using keyboard buttons, but this can’t be done , it seems, because of trackir.

When I get the problem, if I put the trackir on the “red” light, i.e. holding the view still, so that I cannot look around the cockpit, then the forward and. Backward Eyepoint adjustment works.

But as soon as I activate the trackir to look around the cockpit, I.e. the light on trackir goes Green, then that adjustment is lost and I am back with the original back seat view.

I get around this by using system restore to go back to a time when the view is how I like it. It is still the case that the adjustment cannot be made ( as described above), but at least my “original” position is where I want to be.

Now I feel I ought to be able to make an adjustment which stays where I put it, and , if I didn’t have trackir then I’m sure the adjustments would stay.

Clearly trackir is affecting this situation.

But it didn’t used to, and the puzzle is that I haven’t made and changes to the trackir settings at all.


I am running FSX ( quite well) on Windows XP. I am not connected to the internet.


Can anyone assist please


Thanks and early Happy New Year

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By default, the F12 key on TrackIR re-centers your view, back to the starting viewpoint. You can check it by going to the Profiles tab and clicking edit, which lets you see the Hot Keys tab to check that out. And if you're using F12 for something else it can be changed there. On rare occasion, shifting my head around closer to extremes will let TrackIR get a bit confused (not often) and that "center" command cures it.


There is also an eye point setting in the aircraft config file- also, does this happen on all aircraft or just one?


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Thanks for the reply. I know about F12: I have it mapped to Cougar and use it often😀

When this happens, it is on all aircraft.

Can you enlarge where to find the Eyepoint setting in config file, please? I have a feeling the answer may lie there.

It makes sense that if this config file value changes for some reason, then going back via Sys Restore would re set that.

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In the aircraft.cfg file (individual for EACH aircraft) I was thinking of:



eyepoint= -3.95, -0.85, 1.9 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum


but if it affects all aircraft it can't be there, since I doubt they'd all change at once. There's nothing that I know of in the fsx.cfg file that could affect this, so the only remaining place that I know of in in the cameras entries, unique to each aircraft, and the cameras.cfg which is default views, but I'm more inclined to think now that it is in the way you have TrackIR set up or, perhaps some confusion of the TrackIR software when you move your head past the edge of response, where it can get goofy.


But I wouldn't think you'd need (or want) to do a RESTORE for this problem- that's like buying a new dishwasher every time you broke a glass.


Does F12 bring you back to normal? Does restarting the sim get you back to normal? Are you using FSUIPC? Since it's all aircraft it obviously has to be something common to all. When you start the sim, do you use some flight that you've saved to start or do you set everything manually each time? Have you worked to get the view back where it belongs and THEN save a flight for the default when you start?


Did you quit TrackIR then restart it to see if that would clear it up? And finally, have you gone into the TrackIR setup (edit profiles) and readjusted things there to make it work better?


If none of the above suggestions help, then perhaps take note of what you are doing and EXACTLY what happens when it suddenly goes out of whack (it IS sudden, isn't it?). Keep copious notes and perhaps there'll be something pointing to the problem.


Since I can't see what's happening or look at how your system is configured then you'll have to be able to report information that gives us some clue, because that's not normal for TrackIR to do that kind of thing, at least not to the extent of remaining there even after restarting TrackIR and the sim.


Addendum: Do you have a halogen light or sunlight reflecting into the TrackIR camera? That (or any infrared source) can make things go goofy.

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Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have read a couple of statements which I think have a bearing on this .one is that trackir use negates the ability to alter the zoom within the cockpit “as you fly “, but use of Ezdok brings that ability back😳..

Another was in a MegaSceneryEarth advice piece which talked about the “zoom factor in the cockpit “ values. Clearly these can be adjusted somewhere but I don’t know where to look. Is it the FSX config file?  The advice was to have a particular setting but it didn’t say where to do it. I believe that’s possibly the answer. Can someone tell me where to adjust this please. ( Any adjustment made using keystrokes, like - or + I’ve tried and doesn’t stay,  I need to change the value, I.e .40 or .50 , for example)

Thanks in anticipation



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