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UK scenery and add-on aircraft


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The UK scenery in FSX steam is hopelessly inferior to FS2004. Is that correct or have I done something wrong? I often fly my PA28 140 from Elstree but whereas the FS2004 scenery is acceptable in FSX it is absurdly inaccurate. Furthermore all the ground objects, trees etc are not all like those in FS2004 and decidedly not correct.


I have tried to load several add on aircraft and all but one has failed for one reason or another.


I am trying to load an Avro Shackleton that I used to fly in but every add on needs Richardson's original. Where can that be found for FSX or do I simply load the FS2004 version.


Any tips would be appreciated.


Its Christmas Day so a Very Merry Christmas to everybody.

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Merry Xmas


I have used for years this scenery


✈️ FSX Horizon VFR PHOTOGRAPHIC SCENERY 1,2,3 England and Wales


Now it is available cheap onnE bay but I don’t know where you stand about activation of it.

Perhaps someone can advise knowingly on this.

But it is brilliant. I can see my house, my streets, golf course.Exactly as is aboutv2000 ft up.

Chase it up.

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Thanks to everybody for their help. I see that the winter scenery in the UK is considered by many to look like desert so I will live with it. At the moment I am adding aircraft including the Shackleton from Simouthouse but they all seem to not display their panels. I'll find how to do it in due course.

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If you like to fly low then I agree scenery plays a big part, in my FSX it did bug me and after trying various ones I plumbed for Orbx, if you are a senior citizen not sure if Orbx still do it but you can get a reduction on the price, you have to tell them first to get it though before you download and pay.

I also use FS9 aircraft in FSX, most of them work fine, you just can't do it the other way round so don't try it they won't work.


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