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fsx crashes on return flights


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Anybody help, I done a flight to KSFO,(all OK), but the trip back to LSZH the fsx crashed, so I tried it again and it crashed at the same spot again, I did do one to SBGR all OK till I was on the return flight to LSZH and only got half way, tried that 3 times then I cancelled that trip. any help is appreciated. thank you. :pilot:
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One possibility is running out of VAS. Try below as a first step, then report back with your findings.


Not sure it's available in the un-registered version, but you can enable VAS monitoring in FSUIPC. Other than that, links to a couple of free options are listed in this thread on Steam .

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Len1940, what is in the Windows Event Viewer at the time of the crash?


To find the correct entry in Event viewer, do this:


Note down the time of the crash - it doesn't have to be totally exact, but good if you can isolate it to within an hour or so.


Then right-click on your Windows Start button and select "Event Viewer" from the menu. In the Event Viewer, click on the little arrow to the left of "Windows Logs", and then click on "Application". You will now, in the top center pane, see a lot of entries with time-stamps, most of which will be titled "Information" - ignore those. But scroll down the entries until you reach the time that you noted down earlier, and then around that time look for an entry titled "Error". When you see that, click on the entry, and you will see the crash information we need in the big centre pane. Copy that information and post it here.


This is not meant to override airernie's response above this. It is all too easy to run out of VAS in FSX, especially on long flights. No matter how much RAM is on your system, FSX can only operate in its own 4 GB VAS (Virtual Address Space).



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If memory serves, a kernelbase.dll error is indicative of a problematic DLL. Yes, it could be due to the absence of the UIAutomationCore.dll. Could be other DLLs loaded in Explorer at the time. One way to check is a programs called Process Hacker. You can monitor threads in Explorer.exe or the Sim process in real time on a second screen...

OOM errors? Read this.

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