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Hey Everyone,


I'm in the process of planning my 737 fixed base simulator and I've got many questions to ask so please bare with me...


1) I need some dimensions/plans for the simulator and I have a limited budget so I don't want to start spending my money on plans to start off with. So, does anyone have any plans out there - real ones, home made one, photos with dimensions scribbled on them...


2) I'm using FSX and I have FSUIPC as well. I'm guessing by all the comments on other threads PMDG 737 is the way to go. With that in mind, what additional software should I use for my panels and controlling switches, LED's etc...


3) What interface cards (combination of) should I use for controlling my MIP, Overhead and Pedestal. I wont be using any 7 segment displays as yet, I'll just be using toggle switches, rotary switches, sliding switches and push buttons.


4) I want to have the computer controlling the LED's (annunciators) so how do I go about wiring them to cards, interfacing the outputs with FSX etc...


5) If anyone has lists of parts used in their 737 simulators could you pass a copy on to me if possible.


If you guys have any pictures, diagrams, documents...anything, you can send it to my email: simulator.aviator123@gmail.com

Thank you guys so much for even looking at all this writing, and please if you can help me out with this stuff.


Thanks Again

Simulator Aviator

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Your question about the pmdg makes me think you have not played fsx much yet. My advice is to wait untill you have a lot of fsx time under your belt before you start building.

That way you will be sure od what plane to build. Would be a shame to build a complete copy of a 737 and then find out 3-5 hour long flights are not your thing! You would feel silly sitting in a 3D 737, flying a Cessna!

Same for the PMDG. Make sure you buy it, and fly with it a lot, before building a simulator for it. Know that setting up the flightplan for a flight (programming it in the FMC) takes around an hour, while sitting at the dock. Sure you want that before every flight...

You could use your cockpit for the default planes as well as the pmdg I guess. But prepare for it and know your planes in advance.


Also, make sure you get the setup with your displays right before building. So you have everything set up as you want it, plane, displays, maybe some extra controls already, and all you basically need is the shell to mount it all in.

That way you will know the dimensions you need.


For all your other questions, the cockpit builders forum.

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It would definitely seem sensible to get experience in FSX to be sure of what you want from your cockpit. As far as 737s go, PMDG would have to be the one, but an hour to complete preflight is a bit excessive, 8-15 minutes is doable once you become experienced.
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