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There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question


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Newcomers and others,


I've been hanging out at FlightSim.com since, I think, 1997, shortly after the site opened. However, for the better part of a year (maybe a couple of years) I was a "lurker", unwilling to make any posts or ask any questions for fear of being attacked the way I saw other people being attacked. That should never happen to you in this forum, and if it does happen I will see to it that the offender receives a private nastygram from me or, if necessary, from site management.


This forum exists precisely because a) I remember my own fears as a newcomer, and because b) I want other newcomers to have a better early experience than I did. None of us was born knowing this stuff, and 99% of what we veterans know about FS we learned from other people, either directly or as a result of things they wrote earlier, just as you will learn from other people. So the arrogant people really have nothing to be arrogant about, do they? :)


So ask any questions you like because it is truly the case that there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.


The moderators of this forum were proposed by me and approved by webmaster Nels Anderson exactly because they combine depth of knowledge on many FS-related subjects with a concern for the well-being of newcomers. This is a wonderful hobby and we don't want people walking away from it because they were afraid to ask questions.


Don't worry that you don't yet know how to research a subject. That skill will come as you gain knowledge. In the meantime, you have questions and the mods and other members have answers.


Don't be shy,

There may be more to life than FS,

But there isn't a lot more :),

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