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Please Help with Update Resets?

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As stated in a previous post, I've been away from FS for months, and was just back for 2 days, when they pulled the damn mandatory update thing on me. OK, but it deleted all my saved joystick assignments. For many years (in MSFS, FSX and P3D) these had become second nature to me. Now I'm lost.


Yes, I know how to map functions to the joystick in Options. But this is infuriating: I can no longer toggle between Cockpit and External views with joystick buttons -- or anything else, for that matter. I used to switch views effortlessly with the 4 and 6 buttons on my Logitech joystick. Now, I can't even locate a function in the menu that moves the viewpoint to External view. So I consulted the FlyAway MSFS Commands sheet, and can't even find a key assignment to OPEN THE DAMN EXTERNAL CAMERA! The only way I can get to the External view is with the pulldown menu, which is absurdly cumbersome.


So, leaving aside other issues: HOW DO YOU SWITCH TO EXTERNAL VIEW? Is there an assigned key by default? And in Options, where is the function for switching views?


Thanks all.

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The command is "Cockpit/ External View Mode" (note the space after the slash), and is under the "Camera Mode Switches" section when assigning commands to your controls. You can use the search box to get to it directly, or search for "external" in "Search by Name" search field to see all external related commands.
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This is the first update that all of my settings were set to the default settings after I updated. I'm still trying to get everything back to my normal including the controller sensitivity settings.... Its madding to have to get itt all back again. my saved settings don't work so it's all by hand again but I wonder if the saved settings will work the next time this happens.


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the [END] key....?


That's the one I use and I am fairly certain I have not changed it, I also use "Insert" for Drone Mode View

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