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Pc died while flying!

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Hi, everyone, I 'm wondering if any tech head could advise me for my problem. Last week I was flying the SIM and suddenly the PC went dead completely then I fiddled a lot to fix it and the problem came out the graphic card failed, the GPU is NVIDIA GTX 970. Some people say that when the cooling fans do not work then the card fails. what I'm thinking is to replace the cooling fans. but on the other hand,I don't know is it the common problem with graphic cards. So please if anybody know something about graphic cards then advise me on this particular problem. Thanks a lot.
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Did you try reseating your graphics card? I've had 'dead' gcards issues solved by doing that. Also, what is 'dead'? Does your PC shut itself down? Will it run POST? If so, the gcard fans should spin up as the computer first turns on. If they are not, it may not be just a problem with the fans themselves. Hate to say it, but a 970 is a rather old card. Hope you can afford to replace it if so needed.

Rod O.

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I agree with Dave that there's a good chance the card is fried. The purpose of the fans is to remove the tremendous amount of heat those cards generate, so the time to replace a fan is when it quits running, while the card itself still works.


Still, there's a chance that getting too hot shut the card down before a complete burn-out, so renewed cooling MIGHT do some good, but don't count on it.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Did all the fans (presumably there are two or more) stop working?


Usually if it's a fan problem, only an individual fan would quit. If all fans stopped working, then the problem is more serious and the GPU likely died.


By the way, I ran MSFS on a 970 for a year or so. I thought it punched above it's weight - especially when overclocked...

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