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Installing FS 2020 for the first time on a PC. Steam or MS Store?

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Hi all,

Getting back into this for the first time in a few years and I am about to download FS2020, I am going for the de luxe version (why not, I am old, retired, and I can afford it!)

Any thoughts on Steam v MS Store? I am not a fan of Steam and was hoping to remove it from my PC.

Also it seems the download is the same for XBox and PC or at least Xbox seems to be everywhere on the MS download site, I don't want to end up with the wrong version!

Thanks for any thoughts.


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I'd say buy it from the Microsoft store.

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I prefer the Steam version because I've got some other sims/games from Steam and I like to be consistent in my whole setup. Also, I don't have a XBox and don't intended to have one at all, so I prefer to keep well away from any XBox implications. Finally, some updates have been quicker and more trouble free through Steam in the past.


As for which edition, I did also buy the Deluxe one, but since the core code is exactly the same, and I have ended deleting most of the extra stuff and using mostly 3rd party add-ons, I sure wish I had bought the Standard one.

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I've had issues with Steam before on other products, which left a bad taste in my mouth. So I went with MS Store and it seems perfectly adequate; but either way, it's not necesarry to overthink this.


Regarding which version - I'm not a fan of spending money on stuff that I won't use. So my approach was to determine which airports and planes I want and pick the version that had them. In my case, I wanted a steam gauage 172, the Baron, and Cape Town Intl. So I bought the Deluxe.


Then again, I'm budget constrained. If you have the money and it won't make a difference to you, buy whatever makes you happy.

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