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Migrating from FSX to X-Plane 10 or P3D


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I went to P3D. Many, but not all, FSX add-ons work in P3D. I suspect that is not the case for X-Plane. But FS9 and earlier add-ons mostly don't work in P3D.


At least partly because they make so much use of the graphics card for processing (compared to FSX) P3D gives considerably better performance. I can run weather now and run autogen a bit higher, with better, smoother performance in most areas than was true in FSX. And even when I'm in certain big city areas and get fps around 8-10, it's not as erratic as FSX was, thus I can tolerate it for short periods.


But which program you choose depends on your wants and needs, and only you can decide that.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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I thinks its like walking into a Ford dealer and yelling. What do you think about me going down the road and buying a Chevy Pickup! At the least kindly ask to leave , at the most slammed hard into the side boards. Both the sims you mention of trial periods. Try them for yourself.

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I have XpX. and you should be aware that it's a totally different beast. Learning X-Plane is *much* harder that learning Flight Sim. P3D is not to be used as an entertainment product, although there may be some people who do so anyways.

Spent way too much time using these sims...

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I haven't got P3D, but I bought myself X-Plane 10 last year and was disappointed.

X-Plane's single-engine prop planes have no natural stability and no matter how carefully I trimmed them, a roll would slowly develop as if they were balanced on a pin.

I checked at the X-Plane forum and found out it's a longstanding issue that has never been corrected, here's what a moderator said-


"One of the longest and hottest debate subjects in X-Plane is its handling of directional stability, in particular, roll response to changes in engine power in prop airplanes. Many, including experienced pilots, have accused X-Plane aircraft models of being unrealistically unstable in roll.

..X-Plane does not correctly model the yaw effects that in real life cover up the roll effect"



I don't know if X-Plane jets have the same problem, I gave it away and didn't have it long enough to find out because I'm a propeller-head.

But looking back, I don't really know why I bought X-Plane in the first place, probably just curiosity. I've had FSX for about 7 years and love it to bits, and it's a hard act for X-Plane or any other sim to follow..:)

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