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Several Freeware Aircraft Requests


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Hi FSX community,

I have a couple requests for freeware aircraft repaints. I would like for them to be complete packages with the model and sound included because I have just had the worst time trying to manually install textures.

American A319 Sharklets on the Project Airbus A319

American A321 Sharklets on the Projest Airbus A321 (just like the WOW Air A321 on Simviation).

American A330-200/300 on either the Thomas Ruth A330 or the POSKY model

Hawaiian A330-200 on either the Thomas Ruth A330 or the POSKY model

United 777-200 on the POSKY 777

Delta A330-200 on the Thomas Ruth A330 or the POSKY model

Southwest Heart livery on the 737-700&800, either TDS or POSKY


If this is posted in the wrong place, or if you have a better suggestion as to where I should request aircraft, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you know of an existing example of one of my requests, I would appreciate that too.



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Is that all? An egg in your beer too? A pickle on top?


Yes, one more thing....Could they be done by tomorrow??


I think the TDS 737 New Southwest livery is available in the library and probably the others as well.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Oh and while you at it I will have a steak ( rare ), chip's ( fries for our north American friends ), a cold beer and if you could wiz around the house and do a bit of cleaning that would be great :D
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