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Default in FSX


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How do I change the default on my FSX. At the moment every time I start FSX I am flying over somewhere and I have to end flight to get back to the opening screen. How do set it up so that it always opens at say EGKK for argument sake.
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Welcome to the forum! What you want is a new default flight, something other than the Air Trike flying over Friday harbor. Do you want your aircraft to start at a gate at EGKK with engines and electrical off? That's called cold and dark.


1. Choose an aircraft like the default 172 or Barron58 and choose your airport(EGKK) and a gate or ramp starting spot.


2. Shut down the engines, turn off the lights, LEAVE the AVIONICS switch ON! Set the parking brake.


3. Hit semicolon ; and label the flight as default cold and dark.


4. Put a check mark in the box to 'Save as Default Flight" and exit.


All flights in any aircraft, at any airport will now start in this condition.

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Sounds as if, when you start fsx, you do not get the menu, but a flight starts right away.

To see the opening menu, where you can set up the flight, on startup:

press 'alt' to see the menu bar. Click options, settings, general. Put a check mark in: 'show opening screen'.

Enjoy, il88pp.

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I agree with IL88. When you end FSX in menu mode, it starts in menu mode which gives you a lot of choices how you start your flight. Pressing Escape key at the end of your flight is one way to get there.


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