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Paints That Appear Not To Work

casey jones

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I think I am good at installing paints, have had good fortune with them until I came across a repaint for my FSDzigns

L049 Constellation for fs9, the paint is called SWA by Mr Howard Lindsay which I really liked, I used the aircraft.cfg

guide as I allows do, it did not work, I looked at the textures , the author used DTX3 textures? I am used to seeing

bmps. Is DTX3 or DXT3 textures for FSX?





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Double check everything in the aircraft.cfg, I've had paints that didn't work and in the supplied entry for the cfg they have had minor differences to the original entries.

Sometimes the air file or the model and I've even seen where like your above they have had a different texture name.

Also I've downloaded a texture for a certain aircraft and it was for a later or earlier model for the one I have, my mistake sometimes but worth a check.

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