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PMDG 737-700 GoFlight MCPPRO in MSFS 2020

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Does anyone have a solution on how to use the new PMDG 737-700 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with the GoFlight MCPPRO and GF-EFIS. I have SPAD.neXt but no one has written an updated program to work with this aircraft and this task seems a little over my head. It's a shame to have this great new plane but no way to use my GoFlight devices MCPPRO and GF-EFIS, even with SPAD.neXt.


The MCPPRO works on a surprising number of aircraft with SPAD.neXt.

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I use the GoFlight software 2.8 or something like that. It is their newest software....years old, and designed for FSX.

You have to have FSX installed, you have to program all the controls for GoFlight modules. I do not have the MCPRO or GF-EFIS, but I do have a total of 17 go flight modules. Throttle, landing gear,8 push button, 8 switch, rotary dials, radio's , Nav beacons and so forth.

Once you program all the GoFlight modules and safe then close software.


Now start MSFS and load the flight all the way to the runway. You need to go into the GoFlight folder on your main hard drive and click on the GFDEVFSXSE icon and everything will light up, and most controls will work flawlessly.


I believe when you install FSX, if it is not already on your computer, you have to install the update that was released afterwards....too long ago, and I was lucky that FSX was on my flight sim computer, so I did not have to reinstall.


There is some additional information on this forum, maybe someone can fill in the blanks.



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Do you have/are you using the latest Alpha version of spadNEXT? I believe that is required to use GoFlight with PMDG's 737. I am starting to set up my 737-600 with Saitek and then I will start on my GoFLight. I would also check their Discord channels for videos, help, ideas, code snippets. I have learned a lot by do that.
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