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Virtual airlines for newbies


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So, I've done some googling. Couldn't find much information, maybe because it's a niche of a niche of a niche ahah, could be!

So I decided to make a post here, maybe I'll have more luck ^^


I'm a newbie. I'm doing the tutorials and watching videos, I can get an aircraft airborne and land...sometimes. But I'll get there, eventually ahah!

And everything's better with other people, in a way. So I was wondering, is there a virtual airline or something like it for newbies specifically, or that's very newbie friendly? Nothing like learning and flying with other people, they can correct your mistakes and give guidance better than any tutorial would, and gives a sense of purpose to the flights that they would otherwise lack

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For newbies, beginners, I don't think so. For "student" sim pilots who are starting to master the basic skills, gotten past the "newbie" stage, yes - maybe after some weeks, maybe a few months of disciplined effort and self training. Some VAs even have a basic skills test or quiz before allowing membership, others are "just for fun" and let you join right up, but you are generally expected to know basics of navigation and airmanship, not just be "starting to learn".


Being able to make take offs, reach destinations, land your aircraft "sometimes" is hardly good enough even for a make believe virtual airline, isn't it?

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A VA is not what you want now. Most VAs are automated to the point of very little human interaction.


What plane are you flying now?


Take the C172 and learn to fly a pattern - really well.

Learn to set it down at a specific place on the runway.

In real life you learned to crawl, stand up and walk, then run.

Same thing in flightsim.


What kind of VA flying are you wanting to do?

Small planes or tubeliners.


I recommend Walker Air Transport. You can fly small planes, bizjets and move up into the A320 or B737 and others.


Under their express division they allow you to fly the C172.


For now keep practicing, fly lots of patterns both left & right, watch lots of YT vids, etc.

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I'd suggest taking a look at Vision Air Virtual. Very new and caters for each individual pilot (something most VAs don't do), so plenty of support is available. Basically, we allow you to fly what you want, where you want, when you want. Alternatively, you can 'turn up' the realism and request to be supplied with an aircraft and route to fly.


Here's the link to check out: http://bit.ly/visionairvirtual.com


Happy simming!


CEO - Vision Air Virtual

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