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Returning with a new PC. Settings sanity check please


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Hi all,


I have had a 8 year break from the simming world. I am returning with a new setup




GTX 970

H80i CORSAIR cooling

850W CORSAIR supply


+40″ LCD screen connected with HDMI 1920×1080


Ok the setup in P3D


FXAA – Off

MSAA – 4x

Vsync – ON + Triple Buffering + Unlimited FPS

Aniso – 16x

Texture Quality – High


NI settings

SGSSA – 4x

Vysnc – 1/2 refresh rate + Locked at FPS 30

Aniso – 16x

Texture Quality – High

LOD – Clamp


Are there any mismatches here? The Vsync setting is confusing me.


I am getting between 25-32 FPS when flying around NL2000 PMDG737NG


Any confirmation is appreciated.

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The settings look fine to start - the 1/2 refresh rate doesn't work in P3D - that needs true full screen.


I keep Vsync off with no tearing issues at all.


As for the rest - see how it goes and adjust as necessary.


You didn't say but I expect you will need to clock the CPU a bit.


Also, please try to post just one thread on the same subject.





P3D Rig

I7 7700K @ 5.0ghz Asus Maximus X270 16G G.Skill 3600 15-15-15-18 2T EVGARTX2080ti Corsair 1000W PSU 1TB Samsung SSD for P3D - 2 - 256G OCZ Vector SSD - HAF X - Corsiar H100i V2 Liquid Cooler W10 64 Pro.

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The 4 sgssa in clouds will cause a noticeable performance hit. May want to see if you can live with 2 sgssa.

CPU: I7 4790K @ 4.5 ghz, GPU and CPU water cooled

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970

MEM: Gskill Rippjaw 1866 17900

MB: Gigabyte Gaming 5 Z97X

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