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Moving FSX to a new PC


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The computer which my current FSX is on is ridiculously slow so we are thinking of getting a new one, and I was wondering how I could move my FSX, without having to re-install ALL my freeware/payware add ons. Is it as simple as copying all the FSX files from one computer to another?


Thanks for any help,


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One thing for sure, it is not as simple as copying over FSX files or folders. There are registry entries that need to be there for FSX to work, also payware registry needs to be there for those to work.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Possible yes, simple no.


First there is copy protection, FSX and some payware addons have their own installers and activation mechanisms (like PMDG), and those will not work properly if they are simply moved.


Second the OS - you probably will switch Wndows versions, right?


I would at least install and activate FSX on the new puter first.

Then move in your old installation, everything FSX from Program Files, Program Data and AppData, plus all external references you might have. It is a lot of work (went that way when migrating my FSX to SE).


My advice is to get FSX SE or P3D instead and start from scratch. Your sim can only benefit from a thorough clean.

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