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Microsoft FSX - "Mini-Panel" configuation questions

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Start-up scenario: Default C172, (analogue version), starting in the 3D virtual cockpit


1. Is the build-in FSX "mini-panel" related to the currently selected aircraft or not?

I was no able to figure this one out (yet)


2. Is there a way to directly bring up the "mini panel" via a certain key-press combination?

I now use this sequence to make the Default (analogue) C172 mini-panel appear on screen:

- [FSX main menu bar],[Views],[View Mode],[Cockpit],Cockpit:

-> This gets me a forward looking view, no panels displayed.

- Press [W] once -> C172 - 2D VFR panel appears

- Press [W] again -> C172 - 2D IFR panel appear, which almost fills the entire screen

- Press [W] again -> C172 - 2D VFR panel again

- Press [W] again -> C172 - 2D "mini panel" finally appears


3. Is there a way to bind the mini-panel to a certain key-press combination?

Example: Default Cessna172 now has the following key-combinations binded to these panels/views.

[shift][1] -> Main Panel

[shift][2] -> Radio Stack

[shift][3] -> GPS

[shift][4] -> IFR Panel

[shift][5] -> Landing View

So is it possible to add (for example) [shift][6] to make the mini-panel pop-up directly on screen?



4. Where, inside which file(s?) are the mini-panel configuration parameters stored ?

Example: Default Cessna172 - How can I fully customize its mini-panel it to my own needs?

I was not (yet) able to find it inside the ../Airplanes/C172/aircraft.cfg nor ../Airplanes/C172/panel/panel.cfg

I was not (yet) able to find anything about it inside the official Microsoft ESP SDK pages over here:

- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/microsoft-esp/cc526948(v=msdn.10)

- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/microsoft-esp/cc526956(v=msdn.10)?redirectedfrom=MSDN



So any FSX "mini-panel" related hints are greatly appreciated!

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1. Yes, it represents the current aircraft you are flying!


2. Yes, You can change the [window.X] number in the panel.cfg to take the place of one of the other popup windows that you don't frequently need. (Radio stack, GPS, etc)


3. Yes, you can use Shift+6 if it isn't already being used.











gauge00=Cessna172!Airspeed, 0, 1

gauge01=Cessna!Turn_Indicator, 102, 0

gauge02=CessnaWAlpha!Attitude_Alpha, 207, 0

gauge03=Cessna!Heading_Indicator, 312, 0

gauge04=Cessna!Altimeter, 417, 0

gauge05=Cessna!Vertical_Speed, 531, 0


The Minipanel is already in [window.5] position which is brought up by pressing Shift+6 This is in the panel.cfg. The gauge00 through gauge05 are the different gauges/instruments that are shown in the MINIPANEL.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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