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Looking for the FS9 AFCAD to FSX workaround


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The download given above contains a copy of the FSX Bgl Compiler. This was never available as a free download. While I don't expect MS will come after folks using it who don't have a copy of the SDK it is probably not the current version.


In any case the solution provided in this download is to decompile the airport using one tool and then recompile it using this copy of BglComp.


The majority of FS9 airport files will probably work fine in FSX by just loading them. The real issue is going from FSX to FS9.


The biggest FS9 to FSX issue is objects which do not always translate from FS9 to FSX. If the original airport file was made by AFCAD then it will not contain objects anyway.


The best way to handle this would be to use an airport design tool that supports both FS9 and FSX and just load the FS9 AFCAD file in and compile it out in FSX.

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