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Cub Crafter question/ RPM

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I don't fly this plane a lot, but I notice that I get the RPMs into the red even with the throttle barely open. Manifold pressure is at 10 or 11 inches and the RPM counter is continually edging into the red at 2,700+.

The throttle slider on my joystick is only at about 20 per cent.

Is this normal or is there some engine adjustment that I'm missing on the aircraft? (Or does the throttle have to be recalibrated for each aircraft?)

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A real Cub (or any other constant speed prop-equipped aircraft) doesn't get max RPM at 10-11 inches unless maybe in a fast, steep dive, if then, let alone on the ground. So there is something definitely wrong, either a bug or a design defect in the sim aircraft's behavior.


But if you're in a dive when this occurs, then certainly check out the prop control, as marcroussy says. Well, check it anyway, but the behavior is wrong.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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There’s a propeller control?! Well that might explain it, lol. I saw the mixture knob but didn’t see any way to control the prop. Guess I’ll go back to flight school — or check my glasses. Thank you both for replying.

Now, about that Airbus... ;-)

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