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Missing Wings on B727-200


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Having a love for the B727-200 I found this TDS based aircraft. It all seems to be there, including an extensive texture file, but when I try to fly it this is what I get. Also, some of the panel functions don't work although the panel works fine in another 727.


The issue I have is that I can't find anyone to ask about it. The aircraft is a repaint of the TDS model and the creator was Luis Castro. Does anyone know how I can contact him?



727 2.jpg


Many thanks.



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Do other TDS 727-200 textures show and fly OK in your Sim? Maybe compare the titles= between the woking one and this one that has wings missing. I'm thinking something in the aircraft.cfg for that repaint isn't right!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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open the texture folder for it and compare the contents of the texture.cfg flie in it with a teture.cfg file in a texture folder for that 727 that does work.

If there is a difference, rename the non-working texture.cfg file to texture-file-orig.cfg

Then copy the working texture.cfg file to the non-working texture folder.


(If there is no texture.cfg file at all in the non-working folder then copy the working texture.cfg file to the non-working texture folder as well of course.)





If that does not work, check if that texture is perhaps for a different version of the aircraft. a fs2004 instead of fsx version for example.

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Now that's odd.


To clarify something first, yes, they're two different versions, one is an FS2004 and the one that works is an FSX.


Anyway, I did as was suggested. I renamed the texture file and copied over the working texture file. To start with, the aircraft was totally black, which isn't surprising, but the problem with the wings still exists. Now, I'm totally lost.



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AH. There you go. When all wles fails RTFM. LOL



Excerpt from cfg file:-




// If you do those , wings will be gone and other unexpected things will happen.



And I did just that.



This was the title, which means nothing to me, and I wanted to change iot to something more meaningful.


FREEWARE_©_TDS_01AUG2014 _722 +A0000 +D00 +TFF00 Base 9SER


Back to the drawing board. I'll let you know, but thank you.



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