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Honeycomb Bravo key setup

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Just got my new Honeycomb yoke today. Was looking around to find out what buttons to set up for what. I can figure out a few but you guys probably have a certain way of setting them up to make certain certain buttons do certain things. Is there a web site that might help.

Also before I go This is an awesome yoke. Way beyond the old CH Products one I have that didn’t work. This thing is solid. Excellent quality. And heavy. Not some cheap piece of plastic. So happy I went for it.

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WIt’s is good isn’t it? I bought the Saitek yoke early last year.... then sold it two months later & bought the Honeycomb, which I should have done in the first place.

It should be already setup in MSFS. You can customise it but personally I didn’t bother. The default settings are fine.

Of course it’s actually the “Alpha” yoke. The “Bravo” is the throttle quadrant. I ordered that last May and am still waiting for it. (From Amazon)







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