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Cessna 172 useful training video - Mr Aviation 101

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In exploring the FlightSim.com site, I've delved today into this forum for the first time, and see it hasn't had a post for years. This post will re-energise it. Am posting this thread altruistically, thinking other newbies might find the link to the videos useful too. Am wanting to "get it right, do it right" re how I operate the C172 in the sim. There are probably thousands of videos around that help newbies and novices learn: about flying; how to fly. The stock-standard Cessna 172 (C172), 182 etc. are in most sim software as bought, and is a common training aircraft in the real world (RW), together with the C152.


In tidying up my files I came across "Mr Aviation 101" (one of many people who put material on the Internet) which I had forgotten that I'd found some years ago (isn't that annoying how we forget that we have stuff, done stuff, but then get that little joy moment when we rediscover it). As these videos are for beginners, they make very good training for those of us, like me, who have never learnt to fly powered aircraft (I learnt to fly in a Blanik glider). I've found these videos useful in enhancing my sim experience (currently legacy, Flight Simulator 2002). The home airport is KHYI San Marcos Texas. Just two regular guys, father and son, messing about in their C172 "N80991", so one can relate to them.


and you can see the rest of the series via the links in YouTube and/or a Google search. Enjoy! Edited by MAD1
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