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Scenery-Traffic files ID


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Doesn't LWMViewer show which bgl files are loaded at the aircraft location, once you connect it to FS9?

That's what I use to find out which airport background and flatten files I need to append in SBuilder when editing an airport.




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Something like Disk Pulse could maybe give you an idea from a nitty grity perspective. I think, and I'll have to try this, is run Disk Pulse to monitor the Sim install path only and then launch the Sim. After the Sim fully loads stop Disk Pulse and in the list below click the BGL files only if it shows up. Now you should see all activity just for BGL files. It'll say if they've been read, written or modified.


At least that's the theory. I have and use Disk Pulse every once in a while to see if there are any shenanigans on my system. And you can filter by file type.


Again, just let Disk Pulse monitor the FS install directory. If it's the whole C drive you're gonna a have a ton of crap that'll make your local city crap factory look like a church. LOL!

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as suggested have attempted to download the LMWViewer (also installed the necessary dlls MSVCR71 ans MFC71) but cannot run the applications. It is still asking me for the dlls? Any idea where the dlls go, I placed them in Windows System32, where I thought all the dlls go.

Need badly to ID what is making up my scenery. Got the light pole right in the middle of the runway in Bern?? Suddenly appeared?

Many thanks for any help.


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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You probably need to register the DLLs in the system32 folder.


Here's an easy way to do that. Download this registry file and double click to install. But before you do, and as an added precaution, create a system restore point. Now after those registry entries are added you can simply right click the DLLs and select Register. Do that to both DLLs in the system32 folder.




On the left hand side pick your version of OS, whether 64 or 32.


If you need to find those DLLs again fast, use Everything.exe. In Everything enter the DLL names and you'll find them. Right click the DLL in Everything and open its path location. https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/

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