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Considering trying Multi-Player - but,


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I would like to understand this better.

As you can imagine, setting up another FSX rig to do experiments with Multi-Player is an expensive ($$) proposition. There are things I can't find answers to in the docs, so here I am. Hat in hand.

I am hesitant to recommend this concept to friends until I can get a better idea of the experience.


Question: When sharing an aircraft-- the FSX docs describe a concept of an "in charge" person and a "not in charge" person.

The documents in FSX say "the not in control" person can operate some of the aircraft systems. Well OK then. Like what? Which systems? Radios? Landing lights? Throttles?


Question: When sharing an aircraft, can each person select their own views? Must each person sit in a different "seat" so to speak? For example, if the intent is to have 1)pilot, 2) co-pilot, and 3) engineer, and the aircraft has seats and views for all three, must the co-pilot and engineer go sit in their proper places? Or can everybody sit on the pilots lap if they so choose?

(that might make an interesting photo-shop project)


Question: How many people can pile in to a shared aircraft? (all sitting on the co-pilots lap and looking out the window, ha ha)

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In multiplayer you don't have to share an aircraft, but you may choose that mode if you wish. With the shared cockpit you must both have the same aircraft/model. The pilot flying operates the stick and rudder, while either pilot may operate the remaining controls.


Each pilot chooses his own views, and his own seat. My choice was usually something other than the left seat, but I occasionally used the left seat -- in other words, your choice.


How many people can pile in to a shared aircraft?

I don't know for sure. When I shared it was only two people, and I don't know if a third (or more) is possible.


I am hesitant to recommend this concept to friends until I can get a better idea of the experience.

For me it's been a great experience. My friend and I used mumble/murmur (a free/open source talk program) for voice communications, and we'd switch control from time to time. We didn't generally fly aircraft needing two pilots, so the not-flying person would sightsee. Usually we flew fairly low (100-500 ft. AGL).


We didn't always share the cockpit, though, choosing instead to each fly our own aircraft, sometimes different aircraft but compatible performance range (such as a Bonanza and a T-34, or a Baron and a Cessna 310) so that we could fly in formation when we chose, yet could separate, even put on airshows for each other.


We both had the complete ORBX regional set for the U.S. so our sightseeing included comments about how real something looked, or how pretty, or "See the tractor?" or whatever struck our fancy.


BTW, we started doing MP in FS98 and continued through FSX and P3D v2.4, so lots of fun. You can also look at my article from August 1999 about "Fun With Multiplayer": https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?2117-How-ToHave-Fun-With-Multiplayer


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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What a great endorsement ! I am encouraged. And yes I will certainly go and read your posting. 500 feet ? My goodness. I do suppose that is quite a perspective. My scenery is not good enough to enjoy it yet. What I see is green stalks popping up out of brown dirt within about a mile in front of me. Thailand has the same trees and shrubs as West Virginia. So far, I have been totally concentrating on learning to fly the airplane. I hope to start getting the scenery updated eventually.

The single attempt I made to improve the scenery within the US geography sort of soured me on scenery add-ons which further empowers my procrastination. It was supposed to be Southeast US - but there was still brown dirt with stalks popping up where Atlanta was supposed to be. Southeast US with no Atlanta? OK then. Actually, I have no idea if the dang thing even installed correctly. The Steam engine hides most of that installation stuff.


On topic, I have a couple of folks who want to fly along, in shared aircraft mode. I plan to host flights in the B-29. There is a lot to do for at least 2 people. All of the critical engine and propeller stuff is on the engineers panel. Its a pain to keep switching to that view to check or change RPMs etc., so we will have at least a pilot and and engineer. Its a big panel. No room to tuck it in on the pilots view.

I could buy another monitor easy enough - but hey, get help from other guys. Heck yeah.

The engineer can't get to the radios from back there, so I figure that would be a great thing for a copilot to do. He could keep up with all the VOR frequencies and tend to the constant ATC airspace hand-offs. I think it is gonna be fun !!


If, like you mentioned, turns out to be limited to 2 people - engineer can dock those radios somewhere on his panel ! ( ha ha )


Off I go.

Thanks again.

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