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Default 747-400 VC textures

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In the panel cfg file for this AC, it lists three different VC textures, $747_1, $777_1 and $747_C, none of which I find in the default 747-400 folder. I mention this because I have no panel illumination in the night lighting mode. The Overhead, Autopilot and Radio do light up, but not the main panel which contains the MFD,PFD, etc. Also, what does the $ sign indicate on these textures?



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If you go to simobjects/airplanes/B747_400/texture and look at the file B747_400_1_C.dds, you'll find a lot of textures for the VC. I expect that if you look at the various files in the other texture.? folders that you'll find similar files, though I think that when it doesn't find them in the appropriate texture folder that it defaults to the one just named texture.


In some programming languages the $ is often used for variable designation and/or access, so this likely indicates that you'd find it in the texture folders, rather than the panel folders.


Lighting is usually either internal to the gauge or is found in the aircraft.cfg, which is where you get your overhead lights.

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As you suggested, I checked all the texture folders in the 747 folder and they were all there. What I over looked was the aircraft cfg file. I looked at the lighting section and did find a light for the VC which I had changed to a Shockwave light. I looked in my Effects folder and found an additional Shockwave lighting effect for a VC so I changed my first selection, to the new one. It provided more lighting than my first selection and now the entire panel lights up in night mode. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.

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