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This Sites Policy for using Google 3d Data ?

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Whats this sites policy for posting scenery using googles 3d map data? From what i read in their TOS is they actually encourage people to use their stuff… but to follow the rules. Seems like as long as I dont charge for it, make it free, attribute google in my description, that this would fall under fair use. Most of their legal talk seems to focus around use in navigation, maps, etc.


Would love to post first project i did that took way longer than it should have. But this was my first go.


Please let me know


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Just curious i had posted this back in 2020 not after i asked here. It was Six Flags Great America Theme Park outside of Chicago. It was here for awhile, at least a yearish.. and had some downloads. came back here looking while at a friends to download it the other month and it doesnt appear to be here anymore. Id almost say it looks like maybe alot of scenery for msfs 2020 disappeared? Im guessing since was google map, was decided was not cool. dont care, just wondering. and could repost it as well. dont wan cause problems tho. i did notice it was on another site, so wondering maybe if they maybe filed a report claiming was theirs. not that it costs money there. thatd be funny tho
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