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MAJOR scenery issue with this new sim!!!!!!!

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So, I fly out of Midway Airport in Chicago in a C152, two miles from where I live. I am able to follow excellent recreations of ALL the streets in my neighborhood and pass over MY house, reasonably depicted by the way..


The issue you ask? When I do a slow circling over my garage and the big tree that is next to it?? I cannot ever see the two squirrels that I KNOW FOR A FACT live in that there tree!?!?! And don't even get me started about the absence of the three feral cats I know wander my alley. What a bad flight sim!!!!! I WANT A REFUND!~!!


OK, YES this is meant as satire and humor(humour for friends across the pond) as my feeble response to some of the scenery complaints in posts I've been reading lately. C'mon boys and girls.... Asobo folks were charged to model THE WORLD! as realistically as they could given the obvious constraints of trying to realistically model the entire flippin' surface of this here PLANET! Cut 'em some slack why don't ya'?


YES, of course WE are the true beta testers and bug finders... over a million of us to date, and so most of the serious bugs WILL get sorted out much quicker than if Microsoft held up release until their smaller cadre of beta testers could perhaps discover a lot of them over the next two years. We will find nearly all of them in just a few months.


Way to go Asobo says I, keep up the hard work of bug squashing. I for one anyway am having loads of fun flying in this new sim world experience while the necessary improvements get rolled out.

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Yes, they missed the swing set down the street from me. How do you expect me to VFR from 6,000 feet without that swing set!

It is an amazing program!!

Hopefully the program gets enough practitioners, that the community can support the learning curve to exploit it effectively!

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