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Good IFR aircraft to start with?

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Hi all. The latest patch seems to have got my system running the sim quite a bit more smoothly.


I have been doing all my testing flying the Cessna 172 around to try to get things smooth and check out how the sim works. I am ready to try something a little faster to try some IFR flights and see about how to use the AP and FMS systems.


Any suggestions on a plane that will be the next step up from the Cessna?

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Actually, to learn about auto pilot the Cessna 172 G1000 is a great place to start. Also watch Squirrel's You Tube video on using the G1000 autopilot in the 172. He explains the different functions such as FLC and NAV systems.


I actually know how the autopilots in these aircraft SHOULD work, lol.


I've been flying all the study-level planes in FSX/P3D for years. I can cold and dark and fly all of them IFR--PMDG, Aerosoft, Coolsky, glass, analog, whatever. I just can't seem to find the controls and switches I need in these new defaults!

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1) Choose the plane you wish, for FMC the best is the Airbus

2) Go to Youtube, type in the search MSFS Airbus Tutorial

3) choose a video (suggested channels 320 Sim Pilot, Clumsy, Drawyah, Squirrel


Those are the Manuals we have so far


Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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Personally I wold go for broke and jump straight in the 747! It's a nice aircraft and grows on me the more I fly with it. Lovely engine sound and as you head across the terminator into night very easy to lose yourself in the situation.


I'm going to try that pretty soon. I got extremely smooth performance just now with the A320. I need to figure out the ATC and how to make the FMC/GPS select and activate an approach with or without a transition after the ATC has cleared me for a transition, or I have asked for VTF.

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