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MSFS scenery using building models from Boogel maps

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I've just seen a freeware scenery for MSFS which enhances a city scenery with 3D-models from Google Maps. There is a great Youtube-Video which shows how to import 3d-models into Blender and to export it for the use in MSFS. I will study that deeply and try to develop scenery addons to make MSFS even more realistic. But - I'm just curious about the legal aspect: I can imagine that there is no issue if you use it solely in your own sim, but what about making that scenery available for other users? Even its freeware with no intentions to make money - would a distribution be an illegal act?


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Just because something is freeware doesn't mean the original author gives up any rights regarding the add-on, so in most countries it would still be a copyright violation to distribute without permission. It also discourages developers from making more products. If you want to redistribute something, you should make sure you have explicit permission from the original author. See the thread below for one example of how not to do it.



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