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There's lots of options, obviously. It depends on your computer setup and networking capability. My computer is fairly good, but my internet connection is lousy to nonexistent. So I haven't found Steam, P3D, or the new MSFS2020 a really good option for me. So in your shoes, I'd load up the ole FSX again and take advantage (when I can) of all the great planes and even hangars available in the library on this site. I ave some VERY busy airports using the free scenery packages and the AI traffic available on this and other free sites. I've made it a game to see how much I can do and spend no money. So yep, I still keyboard fly! But with FSX and FlightSim, AVSIM, and other sites, it's amazing what you can do and have fun. Example: I've been designing and uploading scenery packs for years and just discovered you can design approaches in ADE that show up in ATC! silly, I know, but hey! Seems I'm still discovering new things about FSX after all this time. Doesn't mean I won't go for FS2020 if I ever get reliable internet out here in the boonies.
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Hey, Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, when life happened, I threw away my disks. So be it.


You can buy FSX steam as a download. Then you can re-use any software.

Or buy P3d. The latest is v5. It's considerably more advanced than FSX. If you have nothing left, start again.

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