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Perfect End to a Perfect Flight


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After battling numerous FSX-Steam "issues" and trying in vain to fix the default 747-400 Nav Lights :mad: I finally set off on an IFR flight plan from Miami International to Princess Juliana International. Since the destination is in the Netherlands Antilles, I decided it would only be appropriate to fly the trip in a KLM airplane. I flew the entire trip without slewing or changing the sim rate.


A senior member here *cough*mrzippy*cough* had just made this trip because I had mentioned in another thread that I was trying to fix my 747 Nav Lights to fly it, and he felt it necessary to rub salt in my wounds by claiming to have nailed a perfect landing. FIGHTIN' WORDS! Challenge accepted! :D


So without further ado, here is documentation of the final 4-5 minutes of this epic flight.


MIA-SXM-1 3-mile final.png

About 5 mile final on the visual, cleared to land


MIA-SXM-2 short final.png

About 3-mile final, still looking good *fingers, toes & eyes are now crossed*


MIA-SXM-3 Numbers.png

Numbers! OMG, this could actually work! :rolleyes:


MIA-SXM-4 Payoff.png

PAYOFF! :pilot:


MIA-SXM-5 Spoilers & Reverse.png

Big dirty bird! Nosewheel smoke, flaps 30, spoilers up & full reverse thrust! It's enough to bring a tear to your eye!


MIA-SXM-6 Rollout.png



MIA-SXM-7 BackTaxi.png

Back taxi, cleared to ramp


MIA-SXM-8 ClearTheActive.png

Clear the Active


MIA-SXM-9 All Done.png

Cleaned up and Shutdown!! :D :pilot: :cool: *flex*


These screenies looked a lot better before I had to reduce them from 1920x1080 to meet forum limits, but still, they don't look too bad reduced.

i7-10700K @3.8-5.1GHz, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTR-2060 Super 8GB, 2x SSDs
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Lookin' good! Is that the default or updated Juliana?


Default... there's an updated version??


Just got a prettier Juliana. New terminal and all... Nobody hanging on the fence, though. Pity, I wanted to back an F4 up to it and light the afterburners. Whee! Les touristes flambées!


Sadly, the surrounding textures (grass, beach, roads) are still just vague and washed-out looking. There's a 2-file photo-real addon for the entire island, but it's Gigabytes big and I have all my games on a 264GB SSD, which doesn't have much room left.

i7-10700K @3.8-5.1GHz, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTR-2060 Super 8GB, 2x SSDs
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