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sounds and other environment aspects

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First, I love that sim. It is just amazing in many aspects. But:

How come I can hear some tropical birds when outside of my aircraft on a smal airport in Sweden?

How come the guys directing you to your parking spot always have sunglasses, even at night?

How come all GA plane sound the same while taxiing on rough ground?

How come I have someone sitting next to me when I look at the cockpit from outside, but he is not inside? that's creepy!


Speaking of avatars

Why are all avatars looking like they just left GTA? unshaved, uncleaned, jumping out of their beds?

Why are most avatars black people, and why are oriental people looking exactly like white people but with almond shaped eyes?


I know that does not affect the sim, but the devil is in the details!

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Totally agree

the avatars needs more type plurality and placing one in the cockpit seat shouldnt be difficult (Though must be fps hit) but you could make him disappear like the yoke: send him to take a passenger seat


Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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