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In addition, I would be more than happy if the inbuilt marketplace continued to get low traffic- 3rd party sites like the flightsim.com store need the revenue. Better for the ecosystem, better for us all.

my 2c.



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I think marketplace should be only for Asobo and MS, they should develop addons since its a long term contract year they have the team and time to do it, besides improving the games core with patches Edited by Kapitan


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I agree with P.e.g.s.u.s. 3rd party stores need to make the profit off their software rather than Microsoft taking their cut of it. I may be wrong, but if you have to go to the Microsoft store exclusively to purchase add-ons, that might affect how 3rd party software developers might not want to participate in it due to higher than normal monetary charges (mafia style) that decrease the developers profits. I may be wrong (if I am, please correct me) but this is what it sounds like to me.

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