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Has anyone gotten FS2020 to run on an older PC?

(i7-4790 with 12GB and GTX745 GPU with 4GB DDR3)


The program started and ran once. It wasn't smooth and lagged quite a bit, but at least I could see some of the new program.

Now, every time I start the program it crashes at the splash screen of Cessna over mountains. I uninstalled and downloaded again after the patch, but the behavior is the same.


Is there any way to run the program on my PC ?

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it should run

make sure your windows is updated to a version later than 1906

update your graphic drivers

close unnecessary programs running in the background

install xbox gaming services

open Game Bar , search and select for Msfs2020 and add it to Game Bar so windows will give priority to it. Make sure you are logged on to your MS or Xbox account


Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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I got it to run acceptably on a pretty old PC.


That graphics card might make your life hard. A quick google suggests that it's about 3 times worse than a 770, which I happen to have.


Far be it from me to suggest you buy a GTX One million and eighty Ti. Money is tight and all... I got a used GTX770 with 4GB (for $50), with a decent overclock. My other specs a roughly comparable to yours:


Xeon E5-1620v2 (3.7 GHZ)

16GB 1600MHz RAM, DDR3


Around Toronto, I get a very playable 30-35 FPS, with most settings on medium and a few on high.


Good luck.

Edited by KiloWatt

Ryzen 5 3600X, 16 GB 3733 MTs RAM, Radeon RX5700 OC, 2560 x 1080 Ultrawide

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