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Saitek Cessna Pro Flight yoke sensitivity issues


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If there is anyone out there that can help me with sensitivity adjustment when using Saitek Cessna Pro Flight yoke with MSFS 2020 I would appreciate it. I have been up and down the scale with the dead zone and sensitivity and cannot get rid of an overly large dead zone and hyper sensitivity when inputting control surface commands throught the yoke during flight. Because the yoke wwas not recognized I had to input everything manually. That part was not the issue. It's when I try to fly there is too much dead zone even when it is at zero. When changing bank angle I have to turn nearly 45 degrees before any input take effect, and then the input is very exaggerated causing me to stall and crash frequently. Don't understand why profiles for my yoke were not available at launch of MSFS 2020. I'll take any advice I can get on this please.



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