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Washed Out Panel on Sunny Days

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I have noticed that is very difficult to see the flight instruments from the cockpit view on sunny days because of the glare of the sun. If you zoom in to focus on the panel, then the instruments are more readable, but you lose the outside view which is critical on take-off and landing. I should probably already know this since I have been flight simming for over 10 years, but is there a setting that tones down the outside brightness on sunny days so that the flight instruments are readable? Any help will be appreciated.



Steve N

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If there is a bloom setting you can try reducing that. Or if no Bloom setting it will be tied to Post processing which turns down more than just bloom.


Had the same issue... Then discovered that when zooming in on the panel to see it better the mouse scroll also adusts any instrument on the panel that is centered...even without the mouse cursor visible.... Deadly feature if you aren't aware of that bit of bad design. Why does the mouse scroll wheel operate instruments when the cursor isn't visible, and I just want to zoom into the panel..... Thank God I heard the engines rev up as my altitude dropped due to this bad design. I had just zoomed in to the panel them realized by doing so I also dropped the AP altitude setting. Was kinda like discovering the horrible live pause feature....which is a quick death if you use it.

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