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MSFS on Low Graphics Settings


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Hey Guys:


With all the great videos out there showing off the gorgeous MSFS2020 graphics with everything maxed out on "Ultra" I thought it might be informative to show something at the other end of the scale.


This would be for all of us who are still trying to figure out a way to convince our significant others to sign off on the $$ for the absolutely essential life or death need to spring for an upgrade - or - who are sitting on the fence asking "Should I or shouldn't I?"if running on an old legacy machine.


Here's MSFS2020 on my 5 year old HP Core i7 16GB RAM Nvidia GTX950 laptop with most graphics settings on "Low" - obviously struggling with framerate but not looking too outrageously bad.


This is a sim AI controlled approach and landing in the stock C172 at Jekyll Island airport (09J) on one of the Georgia vacation beach coast "Golden Isles." It's a short 3715 foot runway.


MSFS2020 AI approaches often come in high, level off, and then dive for the runway at the last minute - like here.




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