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Location of AI aircraft


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I'm just returning after about 5 years away from this sim and my memory ain't wot it used to be. Can someone refresh my memory; what folders are the following stored in, in FSX:-


AI Aircraft

Addon Aircraft

3rd Party Scenery

3rd part timetables


Many thanks.

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AI aircraft are normally in the FSX/Simobjects folder


Addon aircraft.....same as above


3rd party Scenery...could be in the Addon Scenery folder, then added by using the Scenery Library section. Also could be added to AddonScenery/Scenery folder or some could be added to the Main Scenery folder according to the README file instructions included with your downloaded package.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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A slightly different view to expand on Charlie's suggestions:


AI Aircraft - Most users will simply put them into the appropriately named default folders contained in the default SimObjects folder but you can create new folders to hold them - for example AIModels or AIFastJetModels etc.


To do this you simply need to create the holding folder within the SimObjects folder (or outside if you wish) and then add a path entry in the [Main] section of the fsx.cfg file so that FSX can find them - here are examples of changes required:



User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter












The first 6 SimObjectPaths entries (0 to 5) are the FSX default items. Entries 6 and 7 are holding folders created within the default SimObjects folder. Entry 8 is a new holding folder created outside of the default SimObjects folder but still inside the main FSX folder. The last entry is an example of folder created outside of FSX - note that, in this instance, you have to provide a full path name including the drive letter.


Addon Aircraft - you could use the same principle as outlined above for AI but IME they are better off being placed in the default folders. Most payware addons will automatically suggest to install into the default location but you can usually select a different location. But note that not all payware will allow this and some will only install into the default location.


3rd Party Scenery - Again you can create a folder structure to meet your needs inside or outside of FSX - even on a different drive(s) if space is a problem. As with payware aircraft, most payware addon scenery will act the same as described above.


The important things to remember are these:


1. All scenery files (i.e those that have a .bgl extension) MUST be placed within a subfolder called Scenery.

2. All texture files (i.e .bmp, .agn, .dds) MUST be placed within a subfolder called Texture.

3. The scenery location must be known to FSX i.e activated - achieved by using the Scenery config page and pointing to the folder system when activating the scenery.


To clarify points 1 and 2 - Say you create a new folder called Scenery A and then:


1. Simply place all the files in the folder - the scenery will not display and may cause issues with other parts of the immediate area or in rare cases cause FSX to crash.

2. Create a Scenery subfolder (e.g Scenery A\Scenery\) and place all files into the subfolder - at best the scenery may partially display the scenery (namely those elements associated with the .bgl files (airfield runway, taxiways etc) but not display any texture based elements etc. At worst, it will display nothing or cause issues with other parts of the immediate area or again, in rare cases cause FSX to crash.


3ed Party Timetables - The accepted default location for traffic files is FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery folder but as they are essentially scenery files (they have a .bgl extension) they can be placed in any active scenery location - again inside or outside of FSX.


Another important thing to think about (touched on briefly by Charlie with his reference to any included README file) is that some scenery may include extra files that must be placed in specific folders for it to display correctly. A common example is if the altitude of the new scenery is different from the original FSX default. This is normally accomplished by the inclusion of a custom .bgl file that must be place in the default Scenery\World\Scenery folder. Some will also contain 'global' texture files that will need to be placed in the Scenery\World\Texture folder




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