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MSFS2020 Citation CJ4 Foggy Landing at Juneau Alaska (PAJN)


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Hey Guys:


Here's a short video of the MSFS2020 Citation CJ4 landing in foggy weather at Juneau Alaska (PAJN). The weather was the current real world weather imported by FS2020. Pretty nifty. You can almost feel the damp, misty cold on an dark overcast foggy day - and check out the snow capped mist shrouded mountain peaks in the background.


This gives you a good idea of the graphics to expect if you have an old mid level to low end machine like I do. As you can see framerates were quite low but still relatively smooth.


Say what you will about all the many bugs and other rough edges on the initial release of FS2020 (and there are a lot!) for my money this blows away anything else out there right now in the sim world for immersion. Tough to go back to XP11, P3D, or FSX.


BTW - the approach and landing was flow by the sim AI - barely cleared a ridge line, floated, and made a hard touchdown - probably would have resulted in blown tires in the real world! Don't blame me :-)




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