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MSFS Keyboard Assignment list here

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Instruments and systems


Anti ice


Toggle Anti Ice: H

Toggle Pilot Heat: SHIFT + H





Toggle Master Alternator: ALT + A

Toggle Master Battery: ALT + B

Toggle Master Battery & Alternator: SHIFT + M


Engine instruments


Decrease Cowl Flap: SHIFT + CTRL + C

Increase Cowl Flap: SHIFT + CTRL + V

Select Engine: E

Auto Start Engine: CTRL + E

Engine Autostop: SHIFT + CTRL + E

Magneto: M

Magnetos Both: SHIFT + ALT + F

Magnetos Left: SHIFT + ALT + S

Magnetos Off: SHIFT + ALT + Q

Magnetos Right: SHIFT + ALT + D

Magnetos Start: SHIFT + ALT + G

Toggle Master Ignition Switch: ALT + I


Flight instruments


Select Airspeed Bug: SHIFT + CTRL + R

Select Altitude Bug: SHIFT + CTRL + Z

Toggle Autorudder: SHIFT + CTRL + U

Set Altimeter: B

Decrease Heading Bug: CTRL + DEL

Increase Heading Bug: CTRL + INSERT

Select Heading Bug: SHIFT + CTRL + H

Set Heading Indicator: D

Toggle Alternate Static: ALT + S




Toggle Fuel Dump: SHIFT + CTRL + D

Fuel Selector 1 All: ALT + W

Fuel Selector 1 Off: CTRL + ALT + W

Toggle All Fuel Valves: ALT + V




Slew mode


Slew Translate Up (Slow): F3

Slew Translate Up (Fast): F4

Slew Translate Backward: NUM 2

Slew Translate Forward: NUM 8

Slew Translate Down (Fast): F1

Slew Translate Down (Slow): A

Slew Y-Axis Translation Freeze: F2

Slew Roll Left: NUM 7

Slew Roll Right: NUM 9

Slew X-Axis Translation Freeze: NUM 5

Slew Yaw Left: NUM 1

Slew Yaw Right: NUM 3

Slew Translate Left: NUM 4

Slew Pitch Down (Fast): F8

Slew Pitch Freeze: F6

Slew Pitch Down: NUM 0

Slew Pitch Up: 9

Slew Pitch Up (Fast): F5

Slew Pitch Up (Slow): F7

Slew Translate Right: NUM 6

Toggle Slew Mode: Y


Camera mode switches


Cockpit/External View Mode: END

Toggle Drone: INSERT


Cockpit camera


Load Custom Camera 0: ALT + 0

Load Custom Camera 1: ALT + 1

Load Custom Camera 2: ALT + 2

Load Custom Camera 3: ALT + 3

Load Custom Camera 4: ALT + 4

Load Custom Camera 5: ALT + 5

Load Custom Camera 6: ALT + 6

Load Custom Camera 7: ALT + 7

Load Custom Camera 8: ALT + 8

Load Custom Camera 9: ALT + 9

Load Next Custom Camera: K

Load Previous Custom Camera: SHIFT + K

Save Custom Camera 0: CTRL + ALT + 0

Save Custom Camera 1: CTRL + ALT + 1

Save Custom Camera 2: CTRL + ALT + 2

Save Custom Camera 3: CTRL + ALT + 3

Save Custom Camera 4: CTRL + ALT + 4

Save Custom Camera 5: CTRL + ALT + 5

Save Custom Camera 6: CTRL + ALT + 6

Save Custom Camera 7: CTRL + ALT + 7

Save Custom Camera 8: CTRL + ALT + 8

Save Custom Camera 9: CTRL + ALT + 9

Decrease Cockpit View Height: DOWN

Increase Cockpit View Height: UP

Translate Cockpit View Backward: RIGHT ALT + DOWN

Translate Cockpit View Forward: RIGHT ALT + UP

Translate Cockpit View Left: LEFT

Translate Cockpit View Right: RIGHT

Cockpit Look Down: SHIFT + DOWN

Cockpit Look Left: SHIFT + LEFT

Cockpit Look Right: SHIFT + RIGHT

Cockpit Look Up: SHIFT + UP

Cockpit Quickview Up: CTRL + UP

Cockpit Quickview Rear: CTRL + DOWN

Cockpit Quickview Right: CTRL + RIGHT

Cockpit Quickview Left: CTRL + LEFT

Cockpit Quickview Cycle: Q

Reset Cockpit View: CTRL + Space / F

Cockpit View Upper: Space

Unzoom Cockpit View: -

Toggle Smart Camera: S

Zoom Cockpit View: =


Drone camera


Toggle Drone Depth Of Field: F1

Toggle Foreground Blur: F5

Drone Top Down View: CTRL + SPACE

Attach Drone To Next Target: CTRLl + PAGE UP

Attach Drone To Previous Target: CTRL + PAGE DOWN

Toggle Drone Auto Exposure: CTRL + F4

Toggle Drone Auto Focus: F4

Decrease Drone Rotation Speed: F3

Decrease Drone Translation Speed: F1

Decrease Drone Depth Of Field: F2

Increase Drone Depth Of Field: F3

Decrease Drone Exposure: CTRL + F2

Increase Drone Exposure: CTRL + F3

Increase Drone Rotation Speed: F4

Increase Drone Translation Speed: F2

Lock Drone To Next Target: T

Lock Drone To Previous Target: SHIFT + T

Translate Drone Backward: S

Translate Drone Down: F

Translate Drone Forward: W

Translate Drone Left: A

Translate Drone Right: D

Translate Drone Up: R

Reset Drone Roll: SPACE

Reset Drone Target Offset: NUM 5

Pitch Drone Down: NUM 2

Roll Drone Right: NUM 9

Pitch Drone Up: NUM 8

Yaw Drone Left: NUM 4

Yaw Drone Right: NUM 6

Roll Drone Left: NUM 7

Toggle Drone Follow Mode: TAB

Toggle Drone Lock Mode: CTRL + TAB

Increase Drone Zoom: NUM PLUS

Decrease Drone Zoom: NUM SUB

Toggle Plane Controls: C


External camera


Reset External View: CTRL + SPACE / F

External Quickview Left: CTRL + LEFT

External Quickview Rear: CTRL + DOWN

External Quickview Right: CTRL + RIGHT

External Quickview Top: CTRL + UP

Unzoom External View: -

Zoom External View: =


Fixed camera


Toggle Fixed Camera 10: CTRL + SHIFT + 0

Toggle Fixed Camera 1: CTRL + SHIFT + 1

Toggle Fixed Camera 2: CTRL + SHIFT + 2

Toggle Fixed Camera 3: CTRL + SHIFT + 3

Toggle Fixed Camera 4: CTRL + SHIFT + 4

Toggle Fixed Camera 5: CTRL + SHIFT + 5

Toggle Fixed Camera 6: CTRL + SHIFT + 6

Toggle Fixed Camera 7: CTRL + SHIFT + 7

Toggle Fixed Camera 8: CTRL + SHIFT + 8

Toggle Fixed Camera 9: CTRL + SHIFT + 9

Reset Fixed Camera: F

Previous Fixed Camera: SHIFT + A

Next Fixed Camera: A


Instrument views


Previous Instrument View: SHIFT + A

Next Instrument View: A

Toggle Instrument View 10: CTRL + 0

Toggle Instrument View 1: CTRL + 1

Toggle Instrument View 2: CTRL + 2

Toggle Instrument View 3: CTRL + 3

Toggle Instrument View 4: CTRL + 4

Toggle Instrument View 5: CTRL + 5

Toggle Instrument View 6: CTRL + 6

Toggle Instrument View 7: CTRL + 7

Toggle Instrument View 8: CTRL + 8

Toggle Instrument View 9: CTRL + 9

Select Next POI: PGUP

Reset Smartcam: CTRL + F

Set Custom Smartcam Target: T

Next Smartcam Target: PGUP + CTRL

Camera AI Player: HOME + CTRL

Previous Smartcam Target: PGDOWN + CTRL

Toggle Follow Smartcam Target: PGDOWN

Unset Custom Smartcam Target: SHIFT + T





Autopilot Airspeed Hold: Alt + R

Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude: CTRL + PGDOWN

Increase Autopilot Reference Altitude: CTRL + PGUP

Toggle Autopilot Approach Hold: CTRL + A

Toggle Autopilot Attitude Hold: CTRL + T

Toggle Autopilot Localizer Hold: CTRL + O

Toggle Autopilot Mach Hold: CTRL + M

Toggle Autopilot Master: Z

Autopilot N1 Hold: CTRL + S

Decrease Autopilot N1 Reference: CTRL + END

Increase Autopilot N1 Reference: CTRL + HOME

Autopilot Nav1 Hold: CTRL + N

Decrease Autopilot Reference Airspeed: SHIFT + CTRL + DEL

Increase Autopilot Reference Airspeed: SHIFT + CTRL + INSERT

Decrease Autopilot Reference VS: CTRL + END

Increase Autopilot Reference VS: CTRL + HOME

Toggle Autopilot Wing Leveler: CTRL + V

Autopilot Off: SHIFT + ALT + Z

Autopilot On: ALT + Z

Arm Auto Throttle: SHIFT + R

Auto Throttle To GA: SHIFT + CTRL + G

Toggle Avionics Master: PGUP

Toggle Flight Director: CTRL + F

Toggle Yaw Damper: CTRL + D





Left Brake: NUMMULT

Right Brake: NUM SUB

Toggle Parking Brakes: CTRL + NUM DECIMAL


Flight control surfaces


Primary control surfaces


Aileron Left (Roll Left): NUM 4

Aileron Right (Roll Right): NUM 6

Center Ailer Rudder: NUM 5

Elevator Down (Pitch Down): NUM 8

Elevator Up (Pitch Up): NUM 2

Toggle Water Rudder: CTRL + W

Rudder Left (Yaw Left): NUM 0

Rudder Right (Yaw Right): ENTER


Secondary control surfaces


Decrease Flaps: F6

Extends Flaps: F8

Increase Flaps: F7

Retract Flaps: F5

Toggle Spoilers: NUM DIVIDE


Control trimming surfaces


Aileron Trim Left: CTRL + NUM 4

Aileron Trim Right: CTRL + NUM 6

Rudder Trim Left: CTRL + NUM 0

Rudder Trim Right: CTRL + Enter

Elevator Trim Down (Nose Down): NUM 7

Elevator Trim Up (Nose Up): NUM 1



Landing gear


Toggle Landing Gear: G

Gear Down: CTRL + G

Toggle Tail Wheel Lock: SHIFT + G




Exterior lights


Toggle Landing Lights: CTRL + I

Landing Lights Down: SHIFT + CTRL + NUM 2

Landing Light Home: SHIFT + CTRL + NUM 5

Landing Light Left: SHIFT + CTRL + NUM 4

Landing light Right: SHIFT + CTRL + NUM 6

Landing light Up: SHIFT + CTRL + NUM 8

Toggle Strobes: O

Toggle Beacon Light: ALT + H

Toggle Nav Light: ALT + N

Toggle Taxi Lights: ALT + J


Interior lights


Toggle Flashlight: Alt + l

Toggle Lights: l




Toggle Active Pause: PAUSE

Toggle Basic Control Panel: CTRL + C

Clear Search: DEL

Toggle Pause: ESC

Select 1: Alt + F1

Select 2: Alt + F2

Select 3: Alt + F3

Select 4: Alt + F4

Display Checklist: SHIFT + C

Next Toolbar Panel: .

Previous Toolbar Panel: /

Back To Main Menu: END



Change Aircraft: F11

Liveries: F12

See Specifications: F10

Help Menu: TAB

Restart Free Flight: HOME

Restart Activity: HOME



Power management




Decrease Mixture: SHIFT + CTRL + F2

Increase Mixture (Small): SHIFT + CTRL + F3

Set Mixture Lean: SHIFT + CTRL + F1

Set Mixture Rich: SHIFT + CTRL + F4




Decrease Propeller Pitch: CTRL + F2

Propeller Pitch Hi: CTRL + F4

Increase Propeller Pitch: CTRL + F3

Propeller Pitch Lo: CTRL + F1




Throttle Cut: F1

Decrease Throttle: F2

Increase Throttle: F3








Com Radio: C

Set Com1 Standby: SHIFT + ALT + X

Com1 Switch To Standby: ALT + U








Decrease NAV1 Frequency (Fract, Carry): SHIFT + CTRL + PGDOWN

Increase NAV1 Frequency (Fract, Carry): SHIFT + CTRL + PGUP


NAV Radio: N










Transponder: T

Set Transponder: SHIFT + ALT + W

Display ATC: Scroll Lock

ATC Panel Choice 0: 0

ATC Panel Choice 1: 1

ATC Panel Choice 2: 2

ATC Panel Choice 3: 3

ATC Panel Choice 4: 4

ATC Panel Choice 5: 5

ATC Panel Choice 6: 6

ATC Panel Choice 7: 7

ATC Panel Choice 8: 8

ATC Panel Choice 9: 9

Frequency Swap: X

Increase Wheel Speed: SHIFT





Toggle Fuel Pump: ALT + P

Toggle Marker Sound: CTRL + 3



Toggle Pushback: SHIFT + P

Request Fuel: SHIFT + F

Display Navlog: N

Display Map: V

Sim Rate: R


New UI Window Mode: RIGHT ALT

Toggle Delegate Control To Copilot: CTRL + ALT + X




Microsoft Flight Simulator controller controls


Slew mode


Slew Translate Backward: LS down

Slew Translate Forward: LS up

Slew Translate Down: LT

Slew Translate Up: RT

Slew Yaw Left: RS right

Slew Yaw Right: RS left

Slew Translate Left: LS right

Slew Pitch Down: RS up

Slew Pitch Up: RS down

Slew Translate Right: LS left


Camera mode switches


Cockpit/exteral view mode: select


Cockpit camera


Cockpit Look Down: RS down

Cockpit Look Left: RS left

Cockpit Look Right: RS right

Cockpit Look Up: RS up

Cockpit Quickview Right: DPAD right

Cockpit Quickview Left: DPAD left

Reset Cockpit View: RS

Previous Pilot Position: DPAD down

Next Pilot Position: DPAD up

Toggle Smart Camera: X


Drone camera


Toggle Drone Depth Of Field: B+Y

Toggle Foreground Blur: B+DPAD LEFT

Drone Top Down View: X+Y

Toggle Drone Auto Exposure: Y+LS

Toggle Drone Auto Focus: B+LS

Decrease Drone Rotation Speed: X+RB

Decrease Drone Translation Speed: X+RT

Decrease Drone Depth Of Field: B+LT

Increase Drone Depth Of Field: B+RT

Decrease Drone Exposure: Y+LB

Increase Drone Exposure: Y+RB

Increase Drone Rotation Speed: X+LB

Increase Drone Translation Speed: X+LT

Translate Drone Backward: LS down

Translate Drone Down: LT

Translate Drone Forward: LS up

Translate Drone Left: LS left

Translate Drone Right: LS right

Translate Drone Up: RT

Reset Drone Roll: RB+LB

Reset Drone Target Offset: X+A

Pitch Drone Down: RS down

Roll Drone Right: RB

Pitch Drone Up: RS up

Yaw Drone Left: RS left

Yaw Drone Right: RS right

Roll Drone Left: LB

Toggle Drone Follow Mode: RS

Toggle Drone Lock Mode: LS

Increase Drone Zoom: Y+RT

Decrease Drone Zoom: Y+LT


External camera


Reset External View: RS

External View Look Down: RS down

External View Look Left: RS left

External View Look Right: RS right

External Quickview Left: DPAD right

External Quickview Rear: DPAD down

External Quickview Right: DPAD left

External Quickview Top: DPAD up


Fixed camera


Next fixed camera: DPAD right


Instrument views


Previous Instrument View: DPAD left

Next Instrument View: DPAD right




Brakes: Y

Toggle Parking Brakes: Y+B


Primary control surfaces


Ailerons Axis: LS left/right

Elevator Axis: LS up/down

Rudder Left (Yaw Left): LT

Rudder Right (Yaw Right): RT


Secondary control surfaces


Decrease Flaps: LB

Increase Flaps: RB


Control trimming surfaces


Rudder Trim Left: Y+DPAD left

Rudder Trim Right: Y+DPAD right

Elevator Trim Down (Nose Down): Y+DPAD up

Elevator Trim Up (Nose Up): Y+DPAD down


Landing gear


Toggle Landing Gear: LS




Clear Search: Select

Toggle Pause: Start

Back To Main Menu: Y

Close Menu: B

Fly: Start

Change Aircraft: X

Liveries: Select

See Specifications: Y

Help Menu: LS

Restart Free Flight: X

Restart Activity: X


Power management


Decrease Throttle: B

Increase Throttle: A

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