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FS2020's quantity of aiports

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Hi all,

I haven't purchased Flight Simulator 2020 yet, but I saw an article that I found a little discouraging to my liking.



I'm trying to see what the differences are with the three versions that are available.


Do I have it understood correctly, per this article, that FS2020 only has so many number of airports as opposed to let's say FS2004?


Standard Version: 30

Deluxe: 35

Premium: 40


Really? Is this true? Or are all airports available, but they just won't have the fancy features these included airports may have?




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MSFS older versions had shed loads of airports. As does 2020, but not as many I think, or if it does, it doesn't make them easy to find. I'm a greedy man, so did buy the deluxe on pre-order, for which I am still yet to receive the hard-copy.


The sim is lovely, the RL map download stuff is fab, but alas is based on Bing reality, not the much better Google maps data which is a shame, Microsock should learn to accept that Giggle is better at somethings and stop peeing on it's own boots.


They have built a beautiful sim which honours its forebears. It has a few wrinkles, but will only get better from a very very good starting point. So yes, it's worth it. No helicopters, or sea planes. No gliders. A Pitt Special which suffers structural failure if you use it as a Pitt Special. No DC3 - prettiest plane EVER. But they WILL all be there eventually. And they will be built for this platform.

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