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Novice Flight Sim question about graphics


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I recently purcahsed FSX on steam and I am having somewhat of a graphics issue. I have attached screen shots of my rig information and the recent screen shot of in game. I run on iRacing simulator and I get really great frame rates using that but just for some reason on FSX I get crappy graphics. I have a RTX 2060 MSI, I looked online and followed some videos on how to fix this but nothing is working. Please help! Thanks

FSX screen shot(1).PNG


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Don't expect to see frame rates as good in FSX as you find in most games, since FSX has a HUGE amount of additional processing going on, unlike the racing sim, and it makes very little use of the graphics card -- P3D is better in that respect.


It looks as if you have frame rate set to unlimited. Unfortunately that will impact the quality of the scenes you see, since you allow the system less time for processing each frame. Set frame rate to 30, or so, and things should improve in many areas. Many folks would love to achieve the 75 fps your screen shows, but running at a slower frame rate should give the system more time to fill in the details. From the limited size of that screen shot, though, it looks pretty good to me.


but just for some reason on FSX I get crappy graphics.


You're comparing frame rate to graphics (two distinctly different things), so perhaps you could be a bit more explicit about what's wrong (if it's just fps, see my comments above).


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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