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Boeing 738 won't takeoff at normal speed


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Just downloaded a SWA Boeing 737-800 today and it installed just fine. But then once I got to flying, it just wouldn't takeoff normally. I would go to pull up around normal takeoff speeds and the plane would just puff up smoke and not pull up. Then at about the end of the runway (250 knots by now) it finally takes off. Is this normal? I think there is something not right but I could always be wrong. If anyone could offer some advice about the issue, I would highly appreciate it.



Adam M.

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Is this a "wonderful" TDS model? If it is you will need 2-3 taps on the Numpad2 key for elevator trim. That should get you in the air at the proper speed and well before the end of the runway.


Hey Darrel, does a tie go to the runner?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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