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Boxed or download (STEAM now selling )

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I was planning on buying the boxed edition for value for money and something to keep, plus the manual, but today i noted that STEAM are now advertising the game and its where all my games are stored.


If i do buy the boxed edition and MS issues a update, Normally STEAM would just update my PC, What will the updates be like regards the boxed collection.

I have read that you need the DVD in the draw to start the game, perhaps once you connect to MS, if will tell you off a update.


Anyone will any thoughts on this.

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Personally I would just go with the Steam version, in fact that's what I've pre-ordered. Most of my other games are on Steam and updates are delivered painlessly. Okay you don't get the manual of the boxed version but let's face it, who actually bothers to RTFM these days anyway?!
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RTFM lol Yes, i never do which often turns out to be a nightmare, but the size of the manual wont cover much, I printed off the manual for the QW 757, it must have been 500 pages and i never read it
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I have an Xbox One X and subscribe to the Ultimate package that includes the Xbox Game Pass which covers both PC and Xbox so I will be sticking with the version included in that. I have been in this hobby since 1995 and have watched Microsoft promise big things and not follow through time and time again then abandon the community after FSX. I am not saying I won't fly it just that I won't spend money on it till I see Microsoft follow through on promises they made. For me loyalty is important and Lockheed continued to develop FS with P3D to keep this hobby alive.


I am not telling people not to buy the new version, the visuals look amazing from the videos I have seen etc. I am just putting my two cents worth in and taking a wait and see attitude.

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manuals are not supposed to be printed since 1999, they are e-books in pdf format, you should get a cheap tablet or ipad and read them in bed or in the sofa if the PC is uncomfortablle, but never print them, its bad for the environment


Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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I just have to ask..

Why do guys, mostly, say.. 'Personally, I ....'?

I see it so often in the forums, A bit redundant? 'Shrug'!


Anyhow, I'm sure tthat there will be plenty of downloadable manuals when the time comes.

As far as Microsoft 'promising' us? Ermmm.. It's a game?

Anyway, we all know that they did not let us down. A bit of a history lesson..

Microsoft, like any company, has directors that are responsible to their shareholders. (there are more MS shareholders than FSX simmers, by the way) If a division is not performing, they are entitled, actually obliged, to take steps to fix things, so the ACES Gaming division was closed down. Did it affect us simmers all that much? lol.. I just have to say it..

Wait for it..

Personally, I do not think so. MS gave us the sim engine, Payware & freeware developers gave us the add-ons that fleshed the sim out, as they have always done. Did Microsoft promise us gamerz anything? Nope, not really. They did not promise that they would regularly release new games. Yes, they gave us Flight! So what, it sank, & the simmerz/gamerz lambasted MS & shed tears over their joysticks. Guys, Microsoft is a multi-billion $ company, we are a bunch of niche' simmerz/gamerz.


Personally, I think that we should either buy MSFS, or not. Threatening to hold back buying until Microsoft follows through on promises made.. (huh? Personally, I have not seen any of those, only great videos on the new sim).


Remember, at the end of the day, it's only a hobby. (I was going to say game) but personally, I did not think that was wise to do. That would have been too upsetting for some!)


Cape Town, South Africa

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