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After 10 years out of the Flight Sim world I decided to wade right back in as my Grandson showed me the trailer about MS2020.

So far I have specified the kit and got a local PC man to build it but I am bewildered by the software options that are advertised.

I have WIN 7 on one OS and WIN 10 on another and ONLY because nasty- minded MS said it was going to end all dealings with WIN 7.


The remains s/w in my garage is FS2004 and FSX Gold Ed..

FS2004 will not open on WIN7 or 10 and m yFZ-X is also XP OS.

What FS. software will run on WIN 7 and what FS software will run on WIN 10 and is MS2020 available to run on WIN10 and, of so what exactly is its title?


I can swap tp other FS makers if that is the advice you have for me.

Thanks for listening.

Instinct is the nose of the mind with the assistance of:-

AMD RYZEN 3 3600/16Gb RAM@1330Hz/ASROCK B450 Gaming K4/ATI RADEON RX 508/Samsung C49 RG9x and 953GbADATA Sx8200 SSD

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The new 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is still in Alpha testing and so is still quite some time away from being released.


Both FS2004 and FSX can be made to run with either Windows 7 or Windows 10. If you need help getting them running I suggest you ask in the appropriate forum.

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