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Is there any way I can remove small bridges and overpasses in my FSX? The reason, there are multiple bridges and overpasses where they some not suppose to be and they all have black surfaces when they should be grey.
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I am guessing this is to do with your Orbx scenery, ref your previous

post, have you actually looked at any of the replies, and if so were

any of them helpful:confused:


It would probably help if you were to let people know whether you

tried any of the offered suggestions, and what, if any difference it



I suspect looking at this post, that none of the previous suggestions

helped, so if you have installed your Orbx scenery via "Orbx Central",

then I don't know what else to suggest, as I said in a previous post, I

use many Orbx products, and have always found them excellent and

generally installed in the correct place, but on the odd occasion I have

encountered a problem, they have been very helpful and have sorted

these small issues promptly, so it may be worth contacting them, as I

am pretty sure this is an installation issue,



i7-4770K 4.60 GHz (Hyperthreading off) Liquid Cooling 16GB G-Skill DDR3 GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB 500GB WD Blue 3D SSD SATA III x4 Creative Sound Z Sound Card 5.1Ch 24BitAvermedia video capture card CH Yoke and Rudder NZXT Fan Controller Windows10 64 Prof FS9 - FSX -FSX-SE Track Hat
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Uninstall every single ORBX product you have through ORBX Central.

After that, check manually if any traces remain, and delete those as well.


Reinstall everything, starting with Global, then Vector, then the OpenLC’s.



That would be about 50 products to uninstalled.
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It's been years ago that I did fix such an issue: radio shack in the middle of a runway at KEGE. Created a small exclusion polygon around the object using ADE free airport editor. This software does (or did, last time I used it) require that the SDK be installed in order to have the compiler to convert the exclusion code into actual scenery. All the how-to for such a result are beyond the scope of this answer. FSDeveloper website will probably be a good place to start the necessary homework.


you could also theoretically decompile the actual scenery and look for objects with the exact lat/lon of the problem objects; remove that code and recompile, but this is also very advanced and requires some experience to safely perform. The bridge code itself is easy to spot but the other parts are more problematic. I've built bridges but never removed them from scenery code itself - thus the "theoretically".



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 16GB gskill;

quiet, fast and cool running.

Win 7/64: 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO (500G) game drive;

Win10/64: 850 EVO (500G) for OS and games

A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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That would be about 50 products to uninstalled.


Leave the addons installed.

Run the sync program in ORBX Central.

It will put the items in the correct order.

Install The FTX/ORBX Libraries, which you don''t mention as having installed, and this will fix things.

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you could also theoretically decompile the actual scenery...

It's a lot easier: the bridges are bundled into separate BGLs, which just need to be deactivated (change their name from .BGL to .OFF or similar) to remove them.


Thing is, OrbX has provided a tool for doing this. I have tried it and it works.




As proof, I could now also show a pic on which no bridges are visible. But that would just be silly, wouldn't it?


As the OP states, this didn't work for him.

For me, that's a sign his folders/files aren't anymore as OrbX installed and expects them.

Which means he manually applied changes, of which he's telling us nada.


The unusual black surfaces on the bridges were a first sign, the fact the Config Tool doesn't work proves it even more.


Case closed for me.



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