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AI traffic backup


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Hello all,


I need some help on FS2004. I have decided to install it again simply because it runs smoothly even on today's lower spec PCs. FSX was very good but it requires a huge amount of horse power to run it like FS2004 and Prepare3D series has helped just a bit but not enough for me to actually fly it the way I did in FS2004. X-Plane was a good bet but I did not like one issue: lack of splendid AI traffic. If I remember you are only allowed no more than 20 planes instead of 50+ in FS2004. Also there are no traffic add-ons to add, customize AI traffic to your needs.

With all that in mind the idea of reinstalling FS2004 has come up but one thing has bothered me: how do I backup all my AI traffic/Scenery/AFCAD files etc? I mean it is a lot of work just to find, install and customize your AI traffic but then for some reason you need to format C: and install Windows all over again. Is there a way to just backup a folder and copy it back to a freshly installed FS2004 without going to the process of installing one by one (it would take weeks in my case). I am more concerned about AI traffic rather add-ons because these HAVE to be installed. I believe AI traffic a simple "Copy folder x to y" shpuld do it and FS2004 would just compile the new traffic once and that's it.

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Yeah, the traffic would have to be recompiled to FS2004 format. It would be a simply copy/paste of the AI planes. But some prop planes may have issues. Not sure on that though. As to the AFCADs, you're dead in the water on that front. FSX airports and not to my recollection compatible with FS2004.
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1. Get a flash drive or external hard drive (or blank CD or DVD, or cloud space).

2. Make logical folders on your backup media for your files. I use AI Source, AI Traffic, and AI Aircraft.

3. Copy all the folders that contain your source .TXT files for the traffic BGL files (if present, wherever you keep them) and paste onto your backup media (into the AI Source folder).

4. Copy/paste all the files (or folders) that contain the traffic BGL files. These are usually BGL files found in the FS/Scenery/World/scenery folder or folders in the FS/Addon Scenery folder (into the AI Traffic folder).

5. Copy/paste all the AI aircraft folders in the FS/Aircraft folder (into the AI Aircraft folder). I make sure that every AI aircraft I use (except default aircraft) have a folder name that starts with AI, that way this step is easy.


That's it - typically you should have everything backed up.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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